Over the last few years it has become evident that there is a big problem with our food. Fewer and fewer people are able to access nutritious, fresh food. Of those who think they are getting good food, many are mistaken. Fresh vegetables in our grocery stores are actually a week old most of the time and have only 40% of the nutrition that fresh, organic local food has. As well, the term organic has become hollow, with stories of "organic food" that has been sprayed with pesticides or mislabelled. It is getting harder and harder to know who to trust when it comes to our families' nutritional health. The only sure way to know what you are eating is to grow your own. But for most of us, that is next to impossible. So, grow a little, buy local meats and produce from suppliers you trust and be mindful of the rest.

The Urban Grange is an initiative of Strathcona 1890.
Our vision is to inspire everyone in the city to grow a little.